The world is changing at high speed, markets must constantly renew their offer toremain competitive. Our role is to provide creative and look outside your company and your products.



Wow !


The "wow effect" is this reaction related to the discovery of an object "extraordinary." We believe that design must go beyond formal research. Together we will make the innovations that will make the success of your products.



Our passion is design!

AXE Design is a human-sized team, partner, reactive to all your projects, with 30 years of experience nourished by a culture of the product and Prospective.
The flexible structure of AXE Design allows a direct and strong involvement alongside our customers, from concept to completion of the project. Our job is to bring our thinking to product specialist, with our creative sensibility and our external perspective on your company and your products. We will propose you concrete solutions and will be committed to your side at all stages of your project on strategic thinking, the creation, development and production monitoring of your projects.
Real designers of innovative products, our approach is both comprehensive and expert because you must to seduce to sell, and because all the problems our customers are differents.
While bringing creative, sensitive and effective answers, by establishing a real complicity with our customers through our expertise, our experience, reactivity and our availability, we can solve.
We can anticipate consumer expectations by creating a real friendly and reactive partnership by assisting you in your search for your creative innovations and strategic development because design is strategic when expressing a future vision integrated into the development of the company.
Together create your difference.


Year of creation: 1982
AXE Design is an independent agency including several partners in conception :
- Product Designer - Christian Moura
- Engineers product development process
- Ergonomist and IHM
According to the type of study a team is formed to provide the best solution to your problem.


Product Design Expertise:
- Design product innovation,
- Rendering
- Engineering design (technological and functional definition)
- prototyping
- Technical Development / CAD
- industrialization
- Followed by manufacturing.
- Search for new concepts and systems (patents)
chaudronnerie - Expertise development of plastic parts.
30 years of experience to development products allowed us to evolve in very different business sectors using different technology and trials (plastic, metal casting gravity or under pressure, sheet metal work, boilermaking, woodworking, metalworking and plastics, thermoforming, etc. ....)
In order to provide a complete service to our customers, we also can with our partners based in Asia (China) and Oceania (Australia) manage the outsourcing of the products studied after realization of engineering studies / CAD.
Costing the realization of tools, the injection of subsets or a complete manufacturing with a follow-up of production / quality / approval product / transportation management.


« Trophée du design PACA » Innovation and Strategy (France)
Selection « Observeur du Design 2006 »
Selection « Observeur du Design 2010 »